Happy Birthday?

You bet it was! Not really sure if I can say best birthday ever. I’ve had some pretty good birthdays what with Royfest being a real event and all. Hard to top the first Royfest with the spontaneity of it all, the great friends and accoustic Damhnait Doyle performance. But this was on par with that. I headed for Venice Beach and the first area I pulled into was the Santa Monica Peir… way too crowded for this cowboy. So I went south and missed the street for the parking lot I had meant to park at but found another even further south. Got the cameras out and headed for the sand. Walked south for a while then headed north again because I needed some breakfast. Had a sammich and Gatorade in the shade of a palm tree as cyclists and roller bladers zoomed by. Then I continued north to the big lifegaurd headquarters and designated surfing area. The waves weren’t big but they seemed to be beginners so that was probably a good thing. Started south again to the peir for a little visit then I figured I should get out of the sun and on the road.
Hit another In-N-Out Burgers for lunch on the way out of the LA area and now sittin’ at a Starbucks in Barstow. The I-15 going into LA was pretty much packed to a crawl when I pulled in here but traffic out of LA was moving smoothly. I think my theory about Los Angelinos going to Vegas for the I-405 closure may have been correct. Or this is a weekly thing. Either way the I-405 was opened by lunch time today. The only traffic I ran into was right by the shore with people trying to find parking. Overall a pleasant LA experience and a great birthday!
Even though I passed the halfway point two days ago it is just now that I feel like I’m starting towards home.
As a birthday present for you there are lots of pics today.

About roycrawford

I'm a photographer working as an IT manager for Computers for Schools NB, a non-profit computer refurbishing organization.
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1 Response to Happy Birthday?

  1. Tammy says:

    Happy Birthday Roy. I’m glad you had a great one. 🙂

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