The original mission was:

“One Man.
One Car.
18000ish km.
31 Days.
As many people as I can get to so they can hear the message that you can reduce consumption and reuse materials for as long as is possible to help preserve, conserve and possibly even repair our environment. When reducing and reusing are no longer an option then you can recycle.”

In 2014 I commited to the travel life and bought a 31 foot Winnebago Minnie. It was not new by any stretch and has needed, and continues to need, some work but in sticking with the original intent of this site/blog I plan to do what I can to make sure this motorhome is reused until it can’t be reused anymore.

My parents couldn’t afford to take us to Disney World or other such exotic locations. What they could afford was a tent trailer and to take us camping at lakes in our home province with an occasional trip to Ontario or PEI. So in 2015 I wanted to use my resources to take my mother to places that she had never been to before. The original plan was to go to Daytona Beach, New Orleans, and Nashville as well as all of the places in between. By the time we got to New Orleans I realized that we were way under budget and I had some flexibility in my schedule so I asked mom if she wanted to dip her toes in the Pacific Ocean. She said yes and off we went to Los Angeles. Content about this trip will be posted this fall.

I decided to revive the site/blog for my Wild West tour in 2016. Another long distance solo trip but this time in my Winnebago, a little more luxurious than the plywood bed in the Saturn. https://natour11.wordpress.com/wild-west-adventure-2016/

2018 brought us what was affectionately named the Bourbon Tour, mostly because the first destination was Kentucky for a couple days then off to Tennessee and South Carolina. I had some company for this one (hence the title change for the site). Content about this trip will be posted this fall.

In 2019 I’m heading out again for another cross continent trip so stay tuned.

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