Today was all about trying new eateries, car organizing/maintenance and getting the miles gone.
Started with some Popeye’s Chicken. They had a poster claiming that they beat KFC in a blind taste test and I can see how that would happen. Very good chicken, similar to some that I’ve had before but I can’t place it right now, and not as greasy as KFC or Dixie Lee.
The next new eatery was Chick-fil-A. I ate at the one in Lafayette on Louisiana Ave. I mention the location because the service was excellent, very friendly and helpful. I like the way the chicken is prepared, a very light coating, not quite a breading. Kind of in between the crunchy and the grilled chicken you get at most places. Will have to hit another one of those before I get back to Canada.
Did a little reorganizing today in the back of the car. Also polished the headlights because I drove for a little while after dark yesterday and the high beams have not been very useful. I’d heard that you can use tooth paste on your old headlights when the plastic gets milky. I figured I might as well give it a try as the kits to fix them up run anywhere from $10 to $20. I used regular Colgate out of my suitcase. Put it on a cloth and spread it on the headlight the same as you would a wax, then buffed and rinsed with water. Took 3 or 4 minutes per light. Below are two pics, in the first only the one on the right is finished. The second picture has both finished. The difference is most noticeable if you look at the orange signal on the right of the pictures. I don’t know if it was mainly removing road film or if it is actually polishing the plastic but I could see a noticeable difference just looking at them. I haven’t driven at night since I did it so I don’t know for sure if it makes a difference in the brightness of the light.
Other than that it was a lot of highway time. Drove across the causeway(s) first between Lafayette and Baton Rouge then to New Orleans. There was no place to pull over for a picture so i shot some more video and a few shots with the 50D through the window. The best shot is below. Haven’t looked at the video yet.

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I'm a photographer working as an IT manager for Computers for Schools NB, a non-profit computer refurbishing organization.
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1 Response to Louisiana

  1. Scott says:

    Just don’t try to go to Chick Fil A on Sunday. They are closed for religious purposes. I think it is because the chicken is sinfully good.

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