Day 6 – Truckin’ Into Truckee

Last night we stayed at a campground because Reno is very much not boondocking friendly even though several forums said certain casinos were welcoming to RVs. Also to get some delicious showers and electricity. The solar panels are not working so I have to run the generator every day to recharge the cabin batteries. This morning we got up and leisurely cleaned and fed ourselves then went to pick up the rental car. I decided to try the rental option rather than drag my car on the trailer for 5300 km. The fuel savings of not towing the car all that distance should more than cover the rental costs. Math to follow.

With a shiny Camry acquired we were on our way to Truckee, a quaint mountain town. The mountains between Reno and Truckee were magnificently spectacular. When we got to Truckee we went to check out the location where the tournament will be and watched a town worker paint the lines for the track on the concrete.

After that excitement we headed out to do the loop around Lake Tahoe with stops at areas of interest along the way. A few lookout spots along the road and some National Forest stops got us some amazing views of the lake and surrounding mountains. Some info signs made it that much more incredible with some pretty impressive facts about the lake. During one stop we got to make a friend, luckily from a distance, as what I figure was a juvenile brown bear came waddling towards us. It was approaching us directly while we were near the shore but as we moved away from the water it maintained course along the water. It came within about 50-60 feet of where we were standing. Good times. I luckily had a decent lens on and hopefully got some decent shots through the grass/bushes.

This area is one of the most overall beautiful places I’ve been and the experience with the bear was so much more. I lurve mountains.

About roycrawford

I'm a photographer working as an IT manager for Computers for Schools NB, a non-profit computer refurbishing organization.
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