Ferry Ride

I said my goodbyes to the mainland 😦 for now 🙂 and headed to the ferry terminal so I could get to Vancouver Island (like PEI but on the west coast and no red sand). I arrived at the right time and only had to wait about 10 minutes for the loading to begin. The whole process only took about two hours. There was lots to see and do on the ship, they even announced when there was a pod of killer whales on the starboard side. Molly, the Coastal Naturalist, translated and pointed us to the proper side of the ship. She presented lots of information on the wildlife and history of the area as well as information about BC Ferries and the different ships.
I met some interesting people from Victoria, England and Melbourne, Australia. Not sure how many kilometers the ferry ride added to the trip but without that part we are sitting at just over 6,300 km so far.
When we landed I headed into Victoria, did a little driving around and got my BC shot glass. Then i decided for another hotel room so I could get some edits done for peeps back home. Wedding and roller derby pics are on the menu for tonight.
Here are a couple of shots from the ferry, sorry no whale shots. I had the short lens on at the time and by the time I would have gotten it changed they would have been too far away.
Remember to please enjoy responsibly.

About roycrawford

I'm a photographer working as an IT manager for Computers for Schools NB, a non-profit computer refurbishing organization.
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