Calgary to BC

So the Rockies completely made up for the prairies. The prairies were nice for the first couple hours but then there was more. Love the mountains and the funny coloured water.
Made it to Calgary yesterday and went to the Stampede with Laralee and Al. He insisted that I be in some pictures so there are a couple here. We tried the pull and got the record so far, 705.4 lbs. We won some cowbells and a card with our pull score. For those of you who have never been to the Stampede it is much more than a rodeo. There is the parade, the rides, games and exhibits from livestock to western themed art. There were even dancing trees. It started to get really windy on the way out of Calgary and I shot some video in the mountains, if I get a chance to sit down and trim the video I’ll post it here so you can enjoy the mountains and hear the wind. It was strong enough to move my car when I was parked shooting the video.
I spent the night in Field BC so I could check out Emerald Lake in the morning. Thanks for the tip Aletha, it was beautiful but I didn’t walk around the trail as it was about 8 degrees and starting to rain (I didn’t pack a jacket)
In Kamloops now on my way to Vancouver.
Enjoy the pics and I’ll be back soon.

I will definitely be coming back to the mountains when I can spend more time exploring. 🙂

About roycrawford

I'm a photographer working as an IT manager for Computers for Schools NB, a non-profit computer refurbishing organization.
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