Day 5 and 250,000

First off I’d like to thank Anchor in Naubinway for a delicious breakfast and free WIFI access so I could post yesterday’s post.

After a very restful but warm sleep in my car at a rest stop near Gaylord Michigan  I awoke and got on my way. There was a beautiful sunrise and a couple of showers during the day but they were very quick showers or they were moving in the opposite direction. Long story short it was a beautiful day for traveling and that is what I did. 1100+ kms of it. More than 700 miles for the US audience. I still took the time to enjoy the scenery. I drove at or just slightly over the speed limit, stopped at random spots to take pictures and enjoyed a delicious pulled pork sandwich (as well as the earlier mentioned breakfast) at a sit down meal. I got to leave Michigan twice, if you look at US-2 it dips into Wisconsin then back to Michigan. They seem to not like deer, of the six that I saw there only 3 were moving.

Zipped through Wisconsin and into Minnesota for a drive through the snow of mosquitoes and for Carl to hit the 250,000 km mark in the Chippewa National Forest. After so much driving and getting back on schedule I decided to treat myself to a hotel with shower, Internet and free breakfast.

In honor of this milestone all of the pictures for this post will include Carl.


About roycrawford

I'm a photographer working as an IT manager for Computers for Schools NB, a non-profit computer refurbishing organization.
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  1. Leah Brouwer says:

    Thanks for stopping at the Anchor!

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