4th of July

Little slow getting on the road today. Left at about 10:30 to head to Cambridge for a lunch visit with my step sister. I arrived about half an hour early so I straightened out the mess in my car, not so much cleaned as organized a little better.
I started out this morning at about 125 km/h weaving through traffic on the 401 heading west away from Toronto/Brampton and I just finished the day cruisin’ at 105 km/h(65 mph) thinking about stuff and enjoying the slightly different atmosphere. It looks pretty much like all of the places that I have been so far but I’m starting to notice some different looking trees. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is a great abundance of Big Boy restaurants, a place that I’ve wanted to try since I saw the first Austin Powers movie (cross that off the bucket list). I didn’t go all out for a meal because I really don’t feel hungry after driving all day but I did want to try it so I got a burger and it was delicious. Kind of like a home made Big Mac. There are Tim Hortons in Michigan too so I’ll have to see if they have the same recipe.
Crossing the border was a bit of a challenge though. First I got to the bridge in Sarnia and got stopped in the line of traffic for about 40 minutes and had to turn the heat on to keep my car from overheating. Did I mention that Carl likes to run free, when we have to set in traffic or in a drive through line for too long he gets cranky and starts to spit rad fluid out on the ground. When I finally got to the US Customs and Immigration they decided I looked like a shady character so I had to pull into the search area and go inside to answer questions. Then the guy went outside to check through my car. The only thing they disturbed was that they took my film camera out of the trunk and put it in the back seat area so it wouldn’t get broken. Every thing else was looked through but pretty much left where it was (hope they weren’t too afraid of my dirty undies). Once I got into Michigan it was pretty uneventful but I got the first collector shot glass of this trip.


About roycrawford

I'm a photographer working as an IT manager for Computers for Schools NB, a non-profit computer refurbishing organization.
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