Oh work.

Why does work get in the way of vacations all the time. So much left to do for carnovations(definition below) and running around to bank, insurance, customs office, buying supplies and sipping beer. Instead of being able to do those things I’ve had a rental cube van for three days while my car has been sitting at the rental office not being worked on. Cube van equals really busy at work with no time to make calls to get things done or make an appointment with my banker types so I’m just going to go to the bank tomorrow and cry until they do what I want. Maybe I’ll leave out the crying part. Maybe not (we’ll see how much sleep I get tonight).
Either way it’s getting closer and I’ll be in Ottawa for Canada Day regardless of what happens the next two days. If that means I have to go with a couple hundred fewer dollars or that I have to wait at the border while they catalog my camera stuff then so it be.
I’m sooo excited to get on the road, just wish vacations weren’t so much work. 🙂

Carnovations – the act or doing renovations to an automobile that allow it to be used for non-traditional uses. Feel free to use this word (but not you riceboys).

About roycrawford

I'm a photographer working as an IT manager for Computers for Schools NB, a non-profit computer refurbishing organization.
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