Getting closer…and stressed

Ruh-Roh. Six weeks left. So much to do.

Went to my insurance agent’s office today for another reason and thought I should check on coverage for my car and gear. Apparently I am covered for all of North America. YAY ME! But here is all of the other stuff that I have left to do.

First is passport. That will happen next week. As a photographer the question is do I do my own picture or do I just go get it done somewhere? I’ve got everything I would need, the white background, lights, camera and all of the measurements/requirements for the photo.  On the downside if the pic is rejected I have to go home, set everything up again, take the shot, go get it printed, cut it to size and go back. If I get it done all I have to do is go back to the studio and have them fire off another one and take it to the office. If I have it done at Harvey’s the store is only half a block from the passport office. Worth the fifteen or twenty dollars I think.

Next is to contact all of the people on my list that I want to visit during my trip. Hopefully most of you are reading this. Most of the list is friends and family that live far away, the rest of the list is photographers and others in the business that have inspired or educated me in some way. Hopefully their schedules will fit into mine. 🙂

After that I need to firm up the schedule and route that I will be sticking to, well as much as possible anyway. There will of course have to be some flexibility for delays and whatnot…you know I’ll get sidetracked somewhere…maybe even spend an extra day or two on the beach.

The final step before I take off is to get the car ready. Gonna do some heavy modifications to the interior. Removing the back seat and storage box that are back there and replace them with a lower profile storage box behind the driver’s seat that will allow me to fold down the seatbacks for access to the trunk. Also removing the front passenger’s seat and putting in a platform on that side so I can inflate my air mattress and have an actual flat bed. Measured it up the other day and there is six and a half feet from the rear seatback to the footwell under the dash. I’m 5’11”ish so that should work.

Oh yeah, somewhere in there I would like to have a fundraiser. I’m thinking a portrait day where I invite my friends to come and have their portraits done and they make a donation that they can afford. Also a BBQ either the same day or at the same time as the yard sale. Oh yeah, gotta fit a yard sale in there for two reasons; way too much stuff in my apartment and I could use the cash for the trip.

Annnnd I still have to get my work done for work so I can take a whole month off.

Gonna be a busy six weeks but with a little help from my peeps hopefully I’ll be all set for launch day July 1st.

About roycrawford

I'm a photographer working as an IT manager for Computers for Schools NB, a non-profit computer refurbishing organization.
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2 Responses to Getting closer…and stressed

  1. MichaelF says:

    Roy when I got my passport photo, I got it done at Walmart. Was $16 if I recall. Definitely worth having done to possibly go though all you mentioned.

  2. Jackie says:

    I was going to do my own passport photos but the passport Office won’t accept them unless they are from a registered passport photo place. They have to stamp the back of each photo and you may be asked to provide a receipt, personally, I think it’s just another way to give your money to “the man”.

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