This is about what I am going to do in July. I’m planning a car trip around Canada and the US. 

There are a few reasons for this trip with the first being curiosity, I’ve always wanted to see the rest of Canada and really want to check out the west coast of the US and the desert. There are lots of photos, videos and writings about all of the destinations on my plan but there is something to be said for seeing the sights in person, breathing the air and feeling the heat (or cold) of the environment. 

The second reason for this trip is that people always ask when I am taking a road trip if I think my car will make it. The simple answer is yes. I maintain my car and have great faith in his ability to achieve whatever we set out to do. We have seen a lot of road together and I plan to see a lot more before we part ways. I am a firm believer in the “recycle” triangle. Those being the components of reduce, reuse and recycle in that order. Part of my time on this trip and the reason for blogging and promoting this trip publicly is to raise awareness and encourage people to reduce production of new products by encouraging life extension through proper maintenance and the purchase of quality products.  Obviously the visible component will be automotive but the reduction and reuse extends to computers, televisions, cell phones, PDA and many electronic and electrical devices that we consume and throw away while they still have life left as a useful item. Economics weigh in here with the need to produce, purchase and exchange but that is where the reuse comes into play with those who can’t afford or don’t have the desire to possess the latest technology.  

The third reason is that it will be fun and a good way to meet up with old friends and meet new friends along the way. I will be planning the route through cities where friends have relocated to and cities where photographers and others in the business work and live with the hope of meeting those who have helped to motivate me to follow my own dreams. 

If I had unlimited resources I would spend many months doing this and tour every province, territory and state thoroughly. I do not have unlimited resources and I need to return to work so this will be a one month, 18,000km journey across Canada to Victoria followed by a trip around the outer edges of the United States. I will begin with Canada Day in Montreal and Ottawa followed by a run through Toronto, Brampton, Waterloo and London. Then it is on to Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria. After that I’ll be heading to Seattle and beyond with highlights being the Bonneville Salt Flats, Las Vegas, LA, Dallas, New Orleans, various parts of Florida, Atlanta, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Boston and the coastal areas of New England. 

As of now I have it scheduled for twenty six days of travelling with a five day buffer for side trips and/or emergency repair situations. This does not indicate a lack of faith in my car but I will be driving as many kilometres as the average Canadian does in a year…but I will be doing it in a month. So there will be a lot of strain on my car and even though I have maintained him well most vehicles experience some sort of breakage in a year. The optimist in me is hoping that because my “year” of mileage won’t include a winter season there will be less strain than during an actual year with cold temperatures and salt on the roads. 

I will be blogging about my preparations for the trip as well as daily posts from the road. I will of course be taking pictures and posting some of these as I travel around the continent. Once the trip is finished I plan to put together all of my favourite pictures and writings into a book for everyone to enjoy.  

Follow along as I dig into this adventure. There is a lot to do before I go and some adventures to be had on the trip. Enjoy.

About roycrawford

I'm a photographer working as an IT manager for Computers for Schools NB, a non-profit computer refurbishing organization.
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  1. James says:

    Winnipeg…why the hell would anyone want to come to Winnipeg? 🙂 We are getting out.
    This is a nice idea.

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